Let's Build Something Together

Are you an early stage or scaling company in one of our focus areas and enthusiastic about No Five Trees? Is your company looking for funding and do you believe in a fruitful match between your team, your business and No Five Trees? If so, please send your pitch deck to: info@nofivetrees.com with the requirements stated below.


Please give a brief description of the problem that can be solved by your solution. Please tell us how the validation with potential customers is done.

Solution / Product

What is the solution and/or product in order to solve the problem? What is innovative about it?


We are interested in companies with innovative technology behind their solution or product. How does it work?


It is important for us to get to know your team. Why is your team the winning team?

Market & competition

It is important that you know your market and competitors. Why are you going to be successful in this market? Please tell us also about your marketing and sales strategy

Business model

How do you generate revenues? How are you going to make profit?


How far are you right now? Do you already generate revenues? How will the coming months look like?

Financials and investment plan

Please provide us with an overview of your actual and predicted financial situation. Explain why your forecast is reasonable. How much funding do you need in order to realise your ambitions? What will this money be spent on and why? Please provide us with a clear investment plan.

We look forward to receiving your pitch deck. If you have any questions about No Five Trees and/or our team, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s Build Something Together!