Momo Medical


No Five Trees expands healthcare portfolio with investment in Momo Medical

Momo Medical has developed a bed sensor - the BedSense - that can provide caregivers live insight and overview, enhancing the wellbeing of patients. The BedSense is currently in use in various care orgnaizations with positive responses. Based on the live data generated by the Bedsense the caregiver can provide more adequate care to patients, lowering the workload of caregivers. At the same time patients experience, amongst others, better quality of night's sleep and reducing the number of fall incidents and bedsores. This will increase recovery which in turn has an increased effect on reducing personnel workload.

This investment round with both Dutch and US-based investors will be used for scaling up and product roll out in the Netherlands and the US.

Next to the investment in this round No Five Trees will assist Momo Medical in following funding rounds and explore financing possibilities for further production scale-up.

Congratulations to Momo Medical, we are looking forward to a great collaboration!